What is an Assessment Retreat?


After meeting with the Executive Director and completing the SNTX application, new recruits will be asked to attend a 2-day Assessment Retreat with their spouse . Then the candidate and spouse will be assessed regarding their qualifications, strengths, and weaknesses over the following categories:


Assesses the candidate’s leadership qualities, strengths, and weaknesses.


Addresses the feelings and readiness of the church planter’s spouse to become involved in a church plant.

Family Dynamics

Candidate and spouse are assessed in their marriage relationship and as a family unit.

Spiritual and Emotional Health

Assesses the candidate’s self-awareness, spiritual maturity, and ability to sustain healthy relationships.

Disciple Making

The candidate is assessed by an experienced church planter in their missional engagement and church planting strategy.


Reviews the candidate’s ability to communicate the gospel message clearly and effectively through preaching.

Assessment Retreat Pricing

Single (in district)


Single (Out of District)


Married (in District)


Married (Out of District)