Our Mission

Today, the population in North Texas (Collin County and Denton County) is 1.8 million with approximately 216 member churches. Government estimates indicate that by the year 2030 our population will increase to 3 million people. In order to sustain our growth we need to start 344 churches by 2030 to ‘hold our own’… that roughly translates to starting 28.6 new churches per year.

Our Mission for Send North Texas is to Recruit and Assess future church planters. We recruit by identifying areas where new church plants are needed and searching for prospective church planters in churches, colleges, seminaries, and conferences. New recruits will then meet with the executive director, fill out the SNTX application and attend a 2-day assessment retreat. After the retreat a final report will be generated and the next steps will be determined by the Association Director.

Recruitment & Assessment Pipeline

sntx pipeline 2.0.png


The Jester’s Assessment Retreat Experience